WM4T Repeater

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Longest running Amatuer Radio Repeater operation by a single private owner known in Tennessee

Largest coverage of states of any known repeater, in the SouthEast.

Live Streaming video from the Repeater site.

The home of the 145.110 (carrier-access) and 441.800 123.0hz Amateur radio repeaters. Located atop Holston Mountain at 4276' asl in East Tennessee 18 miles east of Gray, Tn. Operating continously since January 1980.

Repeater Status: Repeater is operating 100% @ Location: Grid EM86WK (36.4358,-82.1333) .

WM4T Repeater Internet Streaming audio! 145.110 
People Listening

WM4T Repeater Internet Streaming audio! 146.880  
People Listening

145.250 Repeater Serving the local Tri-Cities area.
146.880 Repeater, analog only, Serving East Tn, SWV, WNC, EKY, NSC area.
Local Repeater Listings


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